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1. Business Concept

The company is mainly dealing with the generation of solar energy. We are the distributor as well the installer of the solar system in the different parts of the country. We are generally dealing with the installation of the solar home system, solar system in the hospitals, schools and many other organizations. The main concept of our business is to support to address the need of renewable energy in the nation by implementing the different projects by making minimum profit and reputation of the company. The present trend shows that the use of PV technology will be much increased due to the efforts from the government and other non-government organisation so we are thinking to broaden our business of PV more widely and effectively.


2. Products

We are using the different types of the product from various countries and the local manufactured equipment too as per our client wish and demand. We are generally using the panel of IEC or TUV certified panel and approved by the RETS Nepal. All the products that we are using for the solar system are approved by the RETS test performed by the RETS Nepal.


3. Services

We are providing the quality services with the professional manpower certified by CTEVT. Our concentration is always on quality not on quantity. We have a team of qualified and professional manpower lead by Engineers. We have the solar technician of different levels certified by the CTEVT such as Level 1 and Level 2.

Our company is providing the service of installing the Solar Home System and other solar system in large scale like in school, hospitals, government offices and other private firms. We have a good response from our client for our services provided to them.


4. Quality policy & objectives

We always believe on the quality of work. We always use the materials which has completed the test conducted by the RETS Nepal quality test. We always maintain the quality of service which is required by the SEMAN and AEPC. To provide the quality service is our objective.


5. Service pledge

Our company always wants to deliver the service to the customer’s local area everywhere in the nation. We have the qualified and professional staffs for the quality service in the door of the customer.


6. Business model

The company business model is decentralized, wholesheler, retailer and home service based as per our customer demand.

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