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Deep Light Energy Pvt. Ltd. is a reliable and competent solar photo voltaic company in Nepal. It has been providing the service in all parts of the country especially in the remote area where the electricity is still away from the people for lightening purpose.
While providing the services we have been maintained business norms, NIPQA standards and AEPC/ESAP guidelines. As we know that the many number of families of the remote area of the country are deprived of the electricity from the national grid, therefore this SHS program conducted by AEPC is really appreciating example of work for the electrification with the help of solar energy. The company is willing to be the partner of the ESAP programme with its full effort whatever the contribution it accounts with true spirit of sincerity since. The company has been also working in the field of the supplying the equipment needed for the solar system like charge controller of different brands, batteries of different volts, solar panel certified by RETS Nepal. The company has been working under the subsidy programme launched by AEPC and as well work for the other programme without subsidy for other firms and organization as per their demands and requirements.
Deeplight energy Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2063, Shrawan and the registration number is 40859/063/064 under the limited company act. It has made a strong commitment to product development and field based experienced in short time. It has a team of experienced man power. Deep Light Energy Pvt. Ltd. has been involved in the field to increase the use of renewable energy in helping the Nepal's Energy needs especially poor people of remote area since its establishment. Based on the classification of Ministry of Local Development subsidy regions have been categorised and subsidy is imposed to each installed solar system. With the current worldwide expansion of interest and sales in the renewable energy products, including our own region, the company is well positioned with the appropriate products and experience to play an important role in the sector of the renewable energy. The company has been able to make the reputed name in the nation for the installation of the solar system in all parts of the country and become the pride of the nation.

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