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The company works especially in the field of the Solar Energy (Photo Voltaic) for the solar home system (SHS) and on other large scale production of the electricity from the solar. Currently the company is involved in the installation of the solar home system under the subsidy program launched by the AEPC in the remote area of the country where the national grid’s is still away from them. The company has a good background in the field of the satisfaction of the client with the instalment of the solar system. We are in the aim to improve the living condition of the rural population by enhancing their access and affordability to rural energy solution that are efficient, environment friendly and that address the social justice as according to the AEPC. 


1. Vision Statement

The vision of the company is to be the leader in the nation in the field of the solar system installation and distribution. We are planning for establishment of own laboratory for the test of the solar home system and thinking about the manufacturing of own charge controller approved by the RETS Nepal. Develop and manufacture high quality solar-related electronics in Nepal for sustainability and industrial development.


2. Mission Statement

The company now directly involved in the installation of the small solar home system and solar home system in the different remote areas of the country under the subsidy program launched by the AEPC (Alternate Energy Promotion centre). The company is also working with the different other project to the different parts of the country and also involve in the distribution of the solar equipment like batteries, panel, charge controller, inverters etc. We are able to make the sell of the solar system of overall average of fifty lakhs per month. We are in the state of direct contact in order to import the different solar system to the different company around in the country and abroad as well. We have sufficient number of the solar professionals of different level in order to implement the different projects in different part of the country.


3. Business goals & objectives

  • To expand the network with quality services to disseminate solar PV system in rural parts of the country.
  • To create awareness of solar PV technology and its benefits to rural community.
  • Standardizes and qualified system integration with harmonized design to meet the real need of customers.
  • More emphasis on quality than on quantity.
  • To provide safe, economically sound and ecologically accepted source.
  • To expand the company business by quality service with cost effective clean renewable energy.
  • To encourage for the dissemination of more solar PV system in order to have electricity supply from the Solar Power as an alternate to electricity supply in remote area of the country.


4. Business strategy

As per the demand of the energy in our country is increasing day by day but the electrical energy on the national grid is limited so in order to provide the energy requirement of the people, we select a alternate way i.e. solar energy, which is showing good response in the remote area of the country. Due to the above fact that the demand for the solar home system is increasing day by day, we are also willing to increasing our business criteria on various sectors. Likewise, we are in the state that we are importing the necessary equipment for the solar system directly from the manufacturer company.

Our business strategy is to provide the quality service with minimum affordable cost and to increase our business area.


5. Economic intent

The company is the private company, obviously it is a profit making organisation but we will maintain the general rule of business norms and clearly works under the RETS Nepal’s Standard and maintain the guidelines of AEPC/ESAP. The company has the economic intent of making minimum profit by providing the quality services to our clients.

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